Friday, 13 February 2009

Monster Workshop in Action!

This so called 'family' run pet shop in Rotherham was the subject of outrage this week at Monster Workshop.

Following a tip off from a neighbour, members of the Monster cruelty investigation unit went to take a look around the premises and under-covered a hidden basement which lead to a number of hidden rooms with solid evidence of foul play.
We were shocked to find cages stacked on top of each other containing fluffy Monsters ready to be destroyed for the fur trade.

There were a mixture of Monsters seized, with no real serious problems other than being a little under fed.

The Pet shop was instantly closed down, following a number of other offenses carried out concerning other creatures found in the store. As of yet the offender's are awaiting trial. Here's hoping they receive what they deserve. 

As  a result, Monster Workshop will have a number of these Monsters available for adoption, which should be at the Adoption store, on the site at the end of this weekend. Please check back soon for more details.


Turnip head said...

Who could do such a horrid thing.
So lets hope they get what they deserve. >__<

Pirka said...

I hope to adopt one soon :)