Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Group shot- Reed, Cree and Sami

Reed at the rescue centre

Here's Reed taking a quick shower before his trip to his new home in Sweden, where he will be welcomed by a number of other past visitors to the Workshop.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Email problems

If you've tried contacting us, but were unsuccessful, please forward any enquiries to


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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Featured Monster- Ferno

This exotic coloured monster, called Ferno, was seized from his cramped conditions, inside a traveling Monster show. We believe he was exhibited due to his rare colouring, but he has also shown signs of having a fascination with lights and naked flames, which his new owners have been instructed to monitor. He's now living happily in Sweden with a few other Monster Workshop buddies!

News from Orbi

This little guy called Orbi was recently adopted, we have since heard that she is adjusting to her new life very well and enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. Thanks for letting us know kay!

Family photo

Monday, 10 August 2009

Monster Hidey Holes

There are many places in which Monsters can hide themselves away and also land themselves into tight spots. Many of the Monsters that we re-home are rescued from such instances, due to them not being in a fit state to take care of themselves. It is also common for monsters to hide themselves away when they are poorly and unable to defend themselves. We try our very best to let all the monsters we treat back into their natural habitat, but sometimes Monsters can easily become too domesticated to be released into the wild.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Featured Monster- Grendal

Grendal was found in the quiet zone in the British library, apparently amerced in a collection of books. Librarians became concerned as he wasn’t accompanied by a human companion and was having difficulties turning the pages of his chosen literature. While Grendal is incredibly gentle natured, because of his age he may need a little extra care. Soon to beavailable for adoption at this years Plush You show in Seattle!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sami's family

This cheeky chappy, Sami, along with a few hundred of his offspring were found rammed into an abandoned stately home, hanging from walls and ceilings. Many were found blind and in need of a thorough de-flea.
We couldn’t name all of them individually as there is just too many.Instead they are each called Yapi and are numbered accordingly to the order in which they were cleaned and de-flead. They will soon be available from the adoption store.

Monsters and their origins

Over the next few months Monster Workshop will be bringing you an inside look into the origins of the varying breeds of its monsters. Below are two English Silver-Flecks. These generally inhabit woods, swamps, and brushy areas that afford them cover; they are more nocturnal in their habits than other monsters and their characteristic long arms allow them to be competent tree climbers.

Tibbi and Milo

This is the second pair of conjoined twins that have come in Monset Workshop, they were found at an abandoned Monsterfarm, most probably the result of cross breeding. Seperating these two is not an option as both would be severly handicapped and therefore the two would have a much happier life together. They will be featuring at the upcoming Mortal Plush show this weekend. Fingers crossed they find a new loving home.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Featured Monster- Remi

Remi was found paddling for life in a swimming pool. Its thought that he initially had a blonde fur coat, but the high level of chlorine turned his fluffy locks green. He’s super soft and loves a cuddle despite his stern appearance.

Remi along with a number of other new arrivals to
Monster Workshop, are currently on their way to feature in the upcoming Cut-Click anniversairy exhibition in Grimsby, were hopefully they will find new homes.

Welcome Sab!

Here's Sab a little worse for wear, after a party, welcoming her into her new home in Austria. Her new owner Jean went looking for her after she went missing and found her snuggled up next to a crate of bear. Fortunately the majority of the bottles were empty but there was enough to send Sab sideways.

The adventures of Berwi the great

Berwi recently moved to Sweden to be with his new owner Kristofer and some other Monster Workshop buddies. We recently recieved this update and pics of Berwi's little adventure in his surrounding greenland. Thanks for keeping us posted Kris!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Twib set to go to Sweden!

This little guy was amongst a group of monsters that were rescued from a chemical testing plant along with Defi, who was featured earlier in the blog. It was rumoured to be involved in developing a revolutionary wart removal cream, that unfortunately lead to turning the monsters Purple.

Fortunately Twib is off this week to start a new life with Kristofer in Sweden, along with a few other fellow monsters.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Sunday, 24 May 2009


A local dog walker reported to us that she heard something whimpering and trapped inside a ww2 anti-aircraft turret. It looks as though Berwi became seperated from his owner and crawled inside to take shelter. We have had no success in re-uniting him with his family and therefore it looks as though he will be needing a new one.

Monster Farms exposed

Here is a brief look at what many a Monster farm looks like from the outside. Shacks like these allow the owners to assemble and dismantle extremely quickly in the event of needing to relocate to avoid police prosecution. Time is always a factor, to catch the criminals and to get to the needy Monsters.

Chemical testing plant raid- Sheffield

Monster Workshop has been extremely busy of late, with secret covert operations taking place all across the country. This little guy, Defe, was rescued from a chemical testing plant in sheffield, rumoured to be involved in wart removal creams and hair dying products.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

MW Gallery Updated!

Yes the Monster Workshop gallery has been updated feature more monster phot's and downloadable wallpapers. See all here: Gallery

Friday, 13 February 2009

Monster Workshop in Action!

This so called 'family' run pet shop in Rotherham was the subject of outrage this week at Monster Workshop.

Following a tip off from a neighbour, members of the Monster cruelty investigation unit went to take a look around the premises and under-covered a hidden basement which lead to a number of hidden rooms with solid evidence of foul play.
We were shocked to find cages stacked on top of each other containing fluffy Monsters ready to be destroyed for the fur trade.

There were a mixture of Monsters seized, with no real serious problems other than being a little under fed.

The Pet shop was instantly closed down, following a number of other offenses carried out concerning other creatures found in the store. As of yet the offender's are awaiting trial. Here's hoping they receive what they deserve. 

As  a result, Monster Workshop will have a number of these Monsters available for adoption, which should be at the Adoption store, on the site at the end of this weekend. Please check back soon for more details.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Poor little Kinka!

Kinka was found almost frozen due to the adverse weather conditions that hit Britain this week. It's this time of year that we dread the most, when abandoned or lost monsters are at risk from the cold and wet conditions outside.

Featured Monster- Odi

This delightful and twinkling eyed monster called Odi, was found grappling for dear life on a branch of a particularly large tree. Luckily a passer-by heard his whimpers and called the fire brigade. Odi was perfectly fit and healthy and although he was very glad to have his feet back firmly on the ground, he seems to have a talent for getting himself into sticky situations! Could you help provide Odi with a new home? For more details please contact Monster Workshop at: info@monsterworkshop.co.uk

Good news for Tama and friends

Not the brightest Monster of the bunch to say the least, but Tama makes up for it with such a lovable personality. He was found with his head stuck securly wedged in a hole in a fence intent on reaching a half eaten hotdog. Needless to say the gate leading into the park was actually open and only a few yards away.

We are pleased to say that Tama along with two other monsters, Aco and Kiko, have now been adopted into a new family in california, pictured below. We're sure that he and his new buddies will have a happy new life across the pond.