Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Featured Monster- Remi

Remi was found paddling for life in a swimming pool. Its thought that he initially had a blonde fur coat, but the high level of chlorine turned his fluffy locks green. He’s super soft and loves a cuddle despite his stern appearance.

Remi along with a number of other new arrivals to
Monster Workshop, are currently on their way to feature in the upcoming Cut-Click anniversairy exhibition in Grimsby, were hopefully they will find new homes.

Welcome Sab!

Here's Sab a little worse for wear, after a party, welcoming her into her new home in Austria. Her new owner Jean went looking for her after she went missing and found her snuggled up next to a crate of bear. Fortunately the majority of the bottles were empty but there was enough to send Sab sideways.

The adventures of Berwi the great

Berwi recently moved to Sweden to be with his new owner Kristofer and some other Monster Workshop buddies. We recently recieved this update and pics of Berwi's little adventure in his surrounding greenland. Thanks for keeping us posted Kris!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Twib set to go to Sweden!

This little guy was amongst a group of monsters that were rescued from a chemical testing plant along with Defi, who was featured earlier in the blog. It was rumoured to be involved in developing a revolutionary wart removal cream, that unfortunately lead to turning the monsters Purple.

Fortunately Twib is off this week to start a new life with Kristofer in Sweden, along with a few other fellow monsters.