Saturday, 29 August 2009

Featured Monster- Ferno

This exotic coloured monster, called Ferno, was seized from his cramped conditions, inside a traveling Monster show. We believe he was exhibited due to his rare colouring, but he has also shown signs of having a fascination with lights and naked flames, which his new owners have been instructed to monitor. He's now living happily in Sweden with a few other Monster Workshop buddies!

News from Orbi

This little guy called Orbi was recently adopted, we have since heard that she is adjusting to her new life very well and enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. Thanks for letting us know kay!

Family photo

Monday, 10 August 2009

Monster Hidey Holes

There are many places in which Monsters can hide themselves away and also land themselves into tight spots. Many of the Monsters that we re-home are rescued from such instances, due to them not being in a fit state to take care of themselves. It is also common for monsters to hide themselves away when they are poorly and unable to defend themselves. We try our very best to let all the monsters we treat back into their natural habitat, but sometimes Monsters can easily become too domesticated to be released into the wild.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Featured Monster- Grendal

Grendal was found in the quiet zone in the British library, apparently amerced in a collection of books. Librarians became concerned as he wasn’t accompanied by a human companion and was having difficulties turning the pages of his chosen literature. While Grendal is incredibly gentle natured, because of his age he may need a little extra care. Soon to beavailable for adoption at this years Plush You show in Seattle!