Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sami's family

This cheeky chappy, Sami, along with a few hundred of his offspring were found rammed into an abandoned stately home, hanging from walls and ceilings. Many were found blind and in need of a thorough de-flea.
We couldn’t name all of them individually as there is just too many.Instead they are each called Yapi and are numbered accordingly to the order in which they were cleaned and de-flead. They will soon be available from the adoption store.

Monsters and their origins

Over the next few months Monster Workshop will be bringing you an inside look into the origins of the varying breeds of its monsters. Below are two English Silver-Flecks. These generally inhabit woods, swamps, and brushy areas that afford them cover; they are more nocturnal in their habits than other monsters and their characteristic long arms allow them to be competent tree climbers.

Tibbi and Milo

This is the second pair of conjoined twins that have come in Monset Workshop, they were found at an abandoned Monsterfarm, most probably the result of cross breeding. Seperating these two is not an option as both would be severly handicapped and therefore the two would have a much happier life together. They will be featuring at the upcoming Mortal Plush show this weekend. Fingers crossed they find a new loving home.