Friday, 29 May 2009

Sunday, 24 May 2009


A local dog walker reported to us that she heard something whimpering and trapped inside a ww2 anti-aircraft turret. It looks as though Berwi became seperated from his owner and crawled inside to take shelter. We have had no success in re-uniting him with his family and therefore it looks as though he will be needing a new one.

Monster Farms exposed

Here is a brief look at what many a Monster farm looks like from the outside. Shacks like these allow the owners to assemble and dismantle extremely quickly in the event of needing to relocate to avoid police prosecution. Time is always a factor, to catch the criminals and to get to the needy Monsters.

Chemical testing plant raid- Sheffield

Monster Workshop has been extremely busy of late, with secret covert operations taking place all across the country. This little guy, Defe, was rescued from a chemical testing plant in sheffield, rumoured to be involved in wart removal creams and hair dying products.