Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mia and Caitlin

Here's a pic of Mia enjoying life with her new friend Caitlin in Melbourne, Australia. Apparently she is receiving lot's of snuggles and attention and loves eating freshly baked cookies. Great to hear from you both.

A note from Tova

At Monster Workshop we love to keep in contact with our adopted monsters once they are relocated into their new homes. Here's a note we received from Tova, who was recently adopted at an event in Islington, England, to a very nice lady called Nicola.

'Just dropping you a line to let you know I arrived safe and well at my new home. My new mummy is very accomodating, she lets me use the computer and does all the spell checking for me. I'm not too sure about the other furry monster in the house, he seems very clingy and unfriendly towards me but as you taught me, I will persevere with making friends with him. Thank God you sorted out my flea infestation before I arrived here as mummy says defleaing the other animal would be an expensive process. I miss you Master but send you my best regards yours TOVA'

If you've recently adopted a new fury friend, please drop us a line and let us know how things are going.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Monster Rug Trend

A week ago it came to Monster Workshop attention that there is a growing trend in people wanting to purchase Monster skin rugs. A recent raid in Southampton uncovered a large number of these such rugs ready for distribution across the country. Again due to the softness of Monster fur these are in huge demand. Monster Workshop has received a number of tip offs and we are very close to closing in on the culprits, we'll keep you posted on any developments.

Siamese Monster- Laup and Eria

This was huge news at Monster workshop, a never seen before case. Laup and Eria were born with two heads but sharing one body, too poorly equipped forseperate lives. A cross bread that was recovered from a hot housing monster farm.

Eria and laup to some extent are mutually independant. if they were seperated, they would both need huge amounts of surgery over subsequent years and suffer a significant handicap. Our chief Monsterarian felt that they should be left together and nursed with loving care. we’ll keep you updated with their progress.

Warning, some may find these images disturbing!

These images were taken at our latest raid in Tooting, south London. unfortunately we are seeing these types of images more frequently, due to the growing demand for Monster fur that is renowed for its softness. Although we strive to do our very best here at Monster Workshop, its times like this that are most difficult, when we are clearly too late.
There are hundreds more Monsters that are in desperate need of our help and with your support we can make these images a thing of the past. Details of how you can help are available at the Monster workshopsWebsite